PANG's A&B Strip Rubber

Fast • Hands-Free • Belt & Rubber Lining Repair

Reduce repair time and labor cost by using our reliable PANG A & B Strip Rubber (130A & 130B) and mix with our NEW A & B Strip Extruder Gun (S184)





  • Clean process, no hand-mixing!
  • No wait time for solvent evaporation
  • Excellent for belt and lagging repair as well as filling rubber lining seams
  • Cures to 50 -60 durometer hardness
  • Up to 18 month shelf life
  • 5 – 1lb (.453kg) rolls per box
  • Approximately 8.3 sq. ft. coverage per A & B box mixture


If rope rubber or A&B strip rubber is left in the barrel of an extruder gun and allowed to cool and harden, it can cause serious damage to the tool upon subsequent use. In order to prevent this damage from occurring, Tech International has developed clean out rubber for extruders. This is an uncured strip form of rubber that will remove residual material from the barrel, promoting longer life for the extruder.

Follow these instructions to avoid damage to the extruder:

  1. After using the rope rubber or A&B strip rubber, run as much of the remaining material out of the barrel of the extruder gun as possible.
  2. Unplug the extruder gun’s electrical cord and allow the extruder to cool to room temperature.
  3. Once the extruder has cooled, remove the nozzle from the extruder.
  4. Cut a 4 – 6 inch long piece of clean out rubber (130C) and run it completely through the extruder.
  5. Prior to reheating the extruder and installing the nozzle for the next use, remove the cleanout rubber from the end of the extruder and remove any remaining material from the nozzle.

NOTE: After clean out rubber has been used, discard any rope rubber or A&B Strip rubber that contains white streaks. This is residual clean out rubber, which could prevent the material from curing properly.

For more information, contact or call 1-800-705-2206