Sheet Rubber

PANG Industrial’s Sheet Rubber is available in the lines below.

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Pangwear is a natural rubber blend, formulated for high abrasion.


The Panglag series includes natural rubber blends designed for use on drive tail, blend pulleys or white lagging for food industry. MSHA-approved option available.


Formulated for impact and sliding abrasion. MSHA-approved option available.


Skirt rubber formulated to withstand high friction against rubber.


Rigid rubber cleaning device for conveyor belts.


  • Durometer: The shore hardness of the rubber. The higher the number, the harder the compound
  • FE MSHA Standard: Approved for use in underground mining applications where flame-retardant rubber is required
  • Bonding Layer: A special, thin layer of gray neoprene on one side of the rubber. Recommended for applications where the rubber will be bonded to another surface (e.g. rubber, metal, concrete, etc.) with Pangofol. Rubber without bonding layer is available upon request and can also be used if the rubber surface is lightly buffed.

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